Mord in Amsterdam


These people are being looked for:

50 year old guy, short blond hair geled like devils style, about 1.80m high, black leather jacket and jeans. Face and head like a mixture between gollum and Dobby of Harry Potter.

25 year old guy, short blond hair, about 1.95m high, black leather jacket and jeans, sneakers, white skin. Longs noise with a small break outside of it. He’s a police officer at the pass control in amsterdam Airport and had studied Psychology in Amsterdam. After I left his place on Tuesday morning I was almost dying 3 to 5 times. His name is: Wessel Heinskeerk. Please help me.

3 Antworten auf “Mord in Amsterdam”

  1. What can i do to help you? I am not police. But i can do things that police cannot do.

    Ar you coming back to Enschede zo we can talk easely face to face. Then you can give me all information about the things that happend to you.. maybe we can drive togetther to wessel to get revenge of you need that.. no problem. You looked like you are a good girl and i always help people With problems if i think they deserve it.

    Let me know what you want Laura and we can take care of it!

    Nick van der werf.

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