30 celebrities with bipolar disorder

You thought you’re alone? The only one with these crazy mood swings? No, let me calm you down. Today morning I woke up with this idea: I’ll go and google all celebrities I know and like who are affected with bipolar disorder. Here are my personal VIPs.


1. Prinz Pi (Friedrich Kautz – german rapper).

2. Kurt Cobain (singer/songwriter for Nirvana).

3. Vincent Van Gogh (dutch painter).

4. Jimi Hendrix (american legend).

5. Dolores O’Riordan (lead singer of The Cranberries).

6. Kanye West (american rapper).

7. Ernest Hemingway (american author).

8. Yo Yo Honey Singh (indian multi talent).

9. Amy Winehouse (british heroine).

10. Winston Churchill (former british prime minister).

11. Sia Furler (australian singer/songwriter).

12. Charlie Sheen (american actor).

13. Britney Spears (american singer).

14. Robert Schumann (german musician).

15. Lily Allen (british singer).

16. Sting (singer, The Police).

17. Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy).

18. Marilyn Monroe (american hollywood star).

19. Sinéad O’Connor (irish musician).

20. Russel Brand (british multi talent).

21. Frank Sinatra (american singer/entertainer).

22. Mel Gibson (american actor).

23. Edvard Munch (norwegian painter).

24. Demi Lovato (american singer).

25. Mariah Carey (american singer).

26. Carrie Fisher (american actrice).

27. Catherine Zeta-Jones (british actrice).

28. Chris Brown (american singer).

29. Ben Stiller (american actor).

30. Halsey (american singer).


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